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Annabelle CoverThe night of Annabelle (Annie) Ramirez’s nineteenth birthday will change her life forever. Every few years, her psychic ability rises to a new level, and tonight her suffering will be just beginning. There is no comfort to Annie for seeing the future. Her father tortures her, she alienates her friends, and her abusive boyfriend blames her for his lack of success. And once she thinks she’s finally getting her life together, her visions put her in the path of a mysterious old man that will stop at nothing to use her abilities for his evil plans.

Annabelle tells the original story of one of the popular characters of author Brett Dent’s debut novel, Schism. Though published after, Annabelle is a prequel to Schism. In this exciting follow-up novella, find out just how tangled Dr. William Creighton’s web of deceit can be.




SchismAdam Hutchens sees the world like no one else–a remote viewer whose incredible gift goes beyond explanation, even in the world of fringe science. When he inexplicably murders his grandmother during and intense psychotic break, Dr. William Creighton uses the opportunity to bring Adam for study to the Hillview Institute, tucked away in the Virginia mountains. Adam’s powerful ability fills in the missing piece to Creighton’s plans.

Adam soon learns that he is not the only one with a special gift. There are other remote viewers being studied at the institute, as well as clairvoyants, and a highly skilled mind-control sociopath. Surrounded by this volatile psychic energy, Dr. Creighton has tapped into the hidden secrets of the human psyche and is playing a deadly game between those who have the gift and those who want the gift.

When patients begin to disappear following a rumored medical procedure, Adam—with the help of a kind-hearted nurse, his psychiatrist, and a fellow patient—must discover the true purpose of the institute and how to tame his extraordinary power, before it’s too late.

Author Brett Dent taps into the clandestine history of the study of psi phenomena in his debut novel, Schism, and blurs the line between fact and fiction.