Review – Selling Steve Jobs’ Liver, by Merrill R. Chapman

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5 out of 5

Title: Selling Steve Jobs’ Liver: A Story of Startups, Innovation, and Connectivity in the Clouds

Author: Merrill R. Chapman

Genre: Science Fiction, Humor, Business Satire

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Usually when I write reviews, I try to be as detailed as possible, examining the story with a critic’s eye. The author deserves it; the readers deserve it. But I have to be honest here – there really isn’t a whole lot I can write that the title doesn’t already convey. Selling Steve Jobs’ Liver is indeed a story about a group of tech entrepreneurs led by the, at times, unscrupulous Nate Pennington, who are trying to sell DNA samples of Steve Jobs’s liver as a marketing gimmick for the latest and greatest must-have tech device. Carry the dearly departed on your person and connect with them for all eternity via a very sophisticated Artificial Intelligence app.


Author Chapman presents a story here that I couldn’t have ever imagined. This is probably one of the most unique novels I have read – at least in a very long time – and Chapman’s writing skill supports the story vision. The characters are instantly likeable, yet incredibly flawed. There are definitely a few face-palm moments for these guys, but I never stopped rooting for their success. I could play the whole novel out in my mind like a movie – which it easily could be, or at least join the ranks of the ever-popular technology comedy-dramas on cable.

I always like to be fair in my reviews and give both pros and cons for balance. In this case, though, I really can’t see anything negative that would amount to more than just nitpicking for its own sake. Writers are told early on that there is no magic formula for success, but I disagree, and I think Chapman has found it: Great Idea + Great Characters + Great Writing = Great Novel. It really isn’t any simpler than that.


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