Review – Waiting For Love, by Alexandra Maria Proca

Waiting For Love

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3 out of 5

Title: Waiting For Love

Author: Alexandra Maria Proca

Genre: Teen, Short-story compilation

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“Waiting For Love” by Alexandra Maria Proca is a collection of short stories that deals with a lot of different subjects and perspectives. Alzheimer’s, racism, and concentration camp survivors are a few of the specific subjects contained here, but within these stories and others here are more abstract subjects that many teens and young adults struggle with – loneliness, control, longing, and frustration. Very mature topics, and Proca does a decent job of pulling on the emotional drawstrings and letting the readers catch a glimpse into the mind of a teenager.

I liked the subject matter of several of the stories. Some were unique, while others, though not exactly unique, provided an interesting and creative point of view that few people might think to write from. The stories are very short, which is overall a plus, but sometimes worked against the stories. For the most part, this was an easy, quick read with a lot of emotion. The stories generally tended to read more like essays than full-fledged short stories. In and of itself, that’s okay. But I wanted more, and I think a lot of the stories had more potential.

Another thing that was difficult was that some of the subject matter was very mature and heavy, and I think a writer needs either a lot of life experience or a deep understanding of the total impact of these situations. The stories “Forgotten,” “Divided,” and “The Price” dealt with Alzheimer’s, a concentration camp, and a soldier’s loss of limbs in combat, respectively. Very heavy stuff; unfortunately, they felt more like a restatement of a fictionalized television drama without the requisite sense of loss you’d have to have experienced to draw a reader in emotionally. However, Proca is a new, young writer, and I can see that those skills will come soon to her.

Overall, I found it to be a quick, easy read with a lot of mature subject matter and an interesting perspective. With that, it was impossible to dislike any of it, and it was a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Best of luck to Ms. Proca as she continues to develop her craft!

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